About Us

We are a selfish nation. We put ourselves above everything else. We exploit air, water and land to make money. Money helps us to consume more of the products that we may not need. Once the products get obsolete, we dispose them into the oceans or on the mountains, where the garbage keeps piling up, hurting the ecosystem which we do not care for anyways.

Our politicians love money. The people who vote for them love money. We deliberately create problems so that we can earn money to solve those problems. The objective of everything else on this planet is to help us make money, which gives us happinesses or at least the means to acquire products that give us happiness. We do not believe in preserving the planet for the next generation. Our primary goal is to make more money.

Once we were a great nation. Today, we are a selfish nation. And we are proud to be one.


As for this platform, expect timely articles and opinions on topics we think deserve our undivided attention.